Georgia Unclaimed Property Division

The Georgia Department of Revenue has programs to return unclaimed property to its legal owners. Unclaimed property program of Georgia’s Unclaimed Property Division collects any unclaimed property from holders, that has been abandoned by its owners. The unclaimed property division serves as a guardian of the property until the legal owners can be found. In the year 2008, the state of Georgia received $91.2 million in unclaimed property. However, in 2008, only $14 Million was returned to about 3,555 residents of the state.

How to Claim Unclaimed Property

An online search can be performed for locating unclaimed property that already has been sent to the state for custody. You can perform a search for unclaimed property online through Georgia Unclaimed Property Division. The online database provides two fields for searching unclaimed property.

  • Name
  • City(only the first letter of the city is required)

As soon as you fill the search fields with appropriate information and click on the search button, the database would provide you with he results showing Name of the Owner, City and ID of property. As ID number is mandatory to be provided while claiming for the unclaimed property therefore you should note down the ID number. After marking the check box against desired unclaimed property, you are required to submit the claim by pressing Submit Request button available at bottom of the page.

How to Get a Claim Form

If the search performed through online database provided by the Georgia’s unclaimed property division is successful, then marking the check box against desired ID number, would lead you to the “Property Claim Form”. There you can get a Claim Affirmation Form against that particular ID number clicked. After providing the fields of form with required information, click “request claim Form button”. The Unclaimed Property Section of the Georgia Department of Revenue will send a claim form or forms to the address provided in the field.

Instructions for Filling Out Claim Form

It’s important to follow all the instructions strictly while filling the form. This is how you can get your claim processed in an accurate and timely manner. The Georgia Unclaimed Property Division can refuse your claim if you are unable to provide the evidence. The processing and payment of your claim would be delayed unless and until you provide all the details required for verifying if you are the rightful owner.

Where to Send Complete Claim Form

Once you follow the instructions on the Claim Affirmation Form, make sure that you print the form, sign it, and send it in to the concerning office along with the required documentation. Fill out the form, attach all required documents and send at;

Georgia Department of Revenue
Unclaimed Property Program
4245 International Parkway, Suite A
Hapeville, Georgia 30354

Additional information about your claim for an unclaimed property can be obtained by calling Georgia Unclaimed Property Division at: (404)968-0490 during telephone hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. (excluding state holidays). After these hours, you can send your query either through fax at: (404)968-0772 or through dropping an email at:

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