Connecticut Unclaimed Property Division

The Connecticut State Treasury office is responsible for holding the unclaimed property in the State. According to the unclaimed property laws, the state declares money, property, and other assets to be abandoned after a period of three to five years of inactiveness. Unclaimed Property Act of Connecticut mandates the unclaimed property to be held until it can be handed over to the rightful owners.

During the year of 2006, The Connecticut Treasury returned $26.2 million to its rightful owners. This amount of money is the highest recorded in one year, in the 70-year history of the program. On average, the treasury provides $2 million per month to the rightful owners and heirs. Connecticut’s Unclaimed Property Division returned $32.4 million to about 14,500 rightful owners. In fact, a total of 55,112 claims were filed; out of which 754,088 searches for abandoned property were performed through the website; and 48,938 telephone inquiries were answered by the Treasury Department.

On 30th June 2009, there were $396.3 million in escheated property and about 872,796 owners were listed on the website of the treasury. The Division of Unclaimed Property received $69.5 million in unclaimed property receipts, which were reported voluntarily by the owner. The Division of Unclaimed Property states a Sold balanced mutual fund shares totaling $1.1 million.

During the fiscal year 2009, the Connecticut General Statute section 3-69a(2) required Unclaimed Property Division to deposit $17,940,100 million of the receipts into the Citizens’ Election Fund and rest of the balance into the General.

How to Claim Unclaimed Property

The unclaimed property in the State of Connecticut can be accessed online. strong>Connecticut Unclaimed Property Division provides the facility of online unclaimed property search. Following information is required for claiming the property:

  • Last Name
  • First Name
  • Property ID

The claimant has to key in at least a last name in the box provided; click on the search button and get a list of matching names. Now, click the check box next to the property number displayed beside the name you wish to inquire about and again click the “Claim Properties” button. Claimant can select more than one property record. Afterward, the claimant has to create a claim form, fill in the claimant’s information and click the “Submit Claim” button to get a pre-filled claim form containing the information entered. Once the ‘Submit Claim’ button is clicked, the property record will be removed from Connecticut Unclaimed Property division. Take a print of claim form and review the “Required Documentation” section of the form for further submission. The form can be submitted in person or by mail to the State’s department of unclaimed property.

How to Get a Claim Form

The Claim Form for unclaimed property can be accessed online after keying in the required information. The form is available on the Connecticut Unclaimed Property Division website. The information provided by the claimant to the website would appear on the claim form automatically. The Form can then be printed for filling the rest of the required information. A complete claim form should be submitted to the treasury office by mailing or by a personal visit. The complete Claim Form should be mailed at the following Address;

Office of the State Treasurer
Unclaimed Property Division
PO Box 5065
Hartford, CT 06102

In case any information is needed, the claimant can also call on the telephone number 1-800-618-3404.

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