Why did I create this website?

I hate the fact that the government has your money. After I found $9,340.00 that the government had been holding for over 10 years that belonged to me, I was furious that they never made any attempt to contact me. Why wouldn’t they try to contact me? Simple, they are making interest on this money. This website is completely free and devoted to helping you find your unclaimed money. I don’t want donations, I don’t even want your information. I just Want you to simply scroll down to the big yellow button below and follow all the instructions. That’s it. Please send your testimonials via our contact form or to contact@myunclaimed.com so we can get the word out that the government is happy to make interest on money you don’t know about.

What is unclaimed property?

Millions of dollars in unclaimed and abandoned property are turned over annually to each State’s unclaimed property division by businesses and organizations who cannot locate the owners, beneficiaries or heirs. These unclaimed funds include bank accounts, stock certificates, checks, wages, refunds, and death benefits just to name a few. With over $35 billion in unclaimed money it’s very possible some of it belongs to you!

How does property become unclaimed?

After organizations lose contact with the owner or cannot locate the rightful beneficiaries or heirs, they are required by law to turn the unclaimed cash and assets over to the respective State’s Unclaimed Property Division in a process called escheat.

After the Abandoned Property is Escheated.

The State Unclaimed Property Division then holds these unclaimed funds and assets in trust for their rightful owners or heirs. It’s your responsibility as the owner, beneficiary, or rightful heir to initiate a free search as soon as possible.

How much unclaimed money is the government holding?<

The national total of unclaimed money now totals nearly $35 Billion. Every year the amounts that go unclaimed are ten times more than the amounts actually being claimed. The amount of unclaimed money and property is just getting larger and larger every year. The number of Americans due this unclaimed property is growing exponentially, for now more than 26 million Americans are the rightful owners, heirs, or beneficiaries of this missing money.

How many Americans are due this unclaimed property?

Most states estimate 1 in every 8 people have some form of unclaimed money or property that is rightfully theirs. Other states estimate even higher numbers, up to 1 in every 3 people having unclaimed property or missing money that is waiting to be claimed. The average claim is $250, but it’s surprising how many people have over $10,000 to be claimed with many recorded 6 figure claims! Some of this unclaimed money could belong to you!

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What You Need To Know About Unclaimed Money.
  • The government may be holding unclaimed money that is due you and your family.
  • The government does not charge you to claim your unclaimed property.
  • The government does not charge you to search for unclaimed property.
  • You may be entitled to deceased family members abandoned property.
  • You may be entitled to collect unclaimed property owed deceased relatives.
  • Some types of unclaimed property have time limits to be claimed.

It’s hard to call this FREE UNCLAIMED MONEY because you and your family members have already worked hard for it.

Reasons you may have unclaimed property.

You might be richer than you think.
If these questions make you wonder, then you may want to start your search for unclaimed property.

  • Have you ever wondered what happens to bank accounts that are never closed but have been inactive for several years?
  • Can you be positively sure that none of your deceased relatives had a life insurance policy, private or through an employer?
  • Can you be sure you knew of all your deceased family members assets, tangible and intangible?
  • Are you certain no businesses or organizations, private or public owed any of your deceased relatives money?
  • Have you ever wondered if you picked up the utility deposit from your first apartment?
  • Did you receive your last pay check from your summer job in 1990?
  • Can you positively state that you have received and cashed all medical insurance reimbursements throughout the years?
  • Are you certain you got your refund check when you cancelled your auto insurance?
  • Are you positively sure you kept all resident address changes and address forwarding requests up to date with everyone you have done business with?
  • If these questions make you wonder, start your free money search to find out if you have unclaimed property somewhere in the United States.